Trial Resources

Trial Resources

The Trial Resources section has been created to optimize the development and the management of innovative and strategic clinical trials for very rare sarcoma subtypes.  this section gather collaborative tools and shared data resources.

The studies resources will gather all key clinical trials in rare sarcoma subtypes (Academic or Industry driven). This database is partially accessible to general public to inform the cancer community about planned and on-going trials with up to date and relevant information. This information and its dissemination are a key success factor to improve clinical trials in rare cancer.

In addition, two sections are exclusively accessible to WSN members.

The rare cases tool will allow key opinion leaders to share their experience and expertise regarding the management of very rare presentation for which no guidelines or SOPs exist or will be developed by other collaborative initiatives (ESMO, NCCN). The aim of this tool is to reach consensus on the management and care of very rare settings.

The drug pipeline tool will allow strategic discussion on the development of key clinical trials. This tool will allow WSN to guide industry partners to pursue effort in supporting trials in specific sarcoma settings.