Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives

The WSN is willing to create, organize and implement a series of efficient, high quality, innovative Investigator-driven clinical trials testing targeted therapies in rare sarcoma subtypes.

Template trials and innovative methodologies will be elaborated and implemented to be used in the sarcoma research community, over Europe, and worldwide. Eventually, they may also be exported in other networks committed in rare tumours, as well as in clinical groups focused on more frequent tumours split in homogenous molecular subtypes


  1. Gather all clinical and translational sarcoma research groups.
  2. Update the group strategic actions.
  3. Develop, promote and lobby a list of key clinical studies
  4. Improve the visibility of specific nosologies to pharmaceutical industry.
  5. Improve the use of pharmaceutical Industry funding in key clinical studies


  1. Optimize the administrative interactions to facilitate the activation of the sub-studies in the different sites, in particular through the identification of liaison persons in each centre, and the definition of SOPs
  2. Develop template protocols for the different molecular subsets
  3. Develop a set of protocols using targeted agents in well characterized nosological sarcoma entities
  4. Develop and promote collaborative tools (shared databases, diagnostic platform).
  5. Improve collaboration with Patients Advocacy Groups and Networks

Studies pipeline can be seen in Network page here (Coming Soon).